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18 June 2012

The Asylum_Part 2

During the visit, the impressions are of the strangest. A mental hospital, I had never "visited" the great and long dormitories where dozens of inmates were walking back and forth for hours and hours without a goal being pumped full of drugs gets goose bumps; therapeutic treatments in those years were always the same; electroshock, insulin therapy, psychotropic drugs. Only with the Law Basaglia, there have been significant advances in the care of the person and not the "mad as defined number." The structure, immense, with the adjoining park, looks like two concentric circles; the outer part is divided into pavilions called "people first, people second, third men, women first, women second, third women).

Within the departments' first men and women ", were hospitalized patients without" hope ", defined crazy and treated with therapies described above. The Shock clearly in the lead. A special note and reported by Roberto excited, reported that patients of these pavilions being incapacitated, were "washed with water jet pump," testimony given by the sister of Roberto as a nurse in the asylum.

The remaining pavilions "second and third" were intended, the first patients to be recovered, while the second patient to exit the "tunnel". On the inside of the circle, were the work activities, the workshop, departments working men and women (those homes), laundry, ironing, cooking, church, gardens, and other activities of the community mental asylum.

In short, a veritable citadel of self-sufficient in all respects. An enclosed "outsiders," however, surrounded by the river Adigetto like a castle without a drawbridge (up to Basaglia law that lowered it and gave the opportunity for many patients to reintegrate into everyday life). During the visit, another thing struck me in spite of many years have passed from the closing (1997), the smell. The smell of old, weird not know how to explain the smell, the smell of old person. The walls are still impregnated with this odor, strong and persistent.
Photo Description: Cobwebs; badges of recognition of patients; rubble; abandoned syringes.
The morgue; the fountain in the ancient garden; abandoned X-rays.
Shoes abandoned; isolation room; isolation ward psychiatric.

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