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18 June 2012

The Asylum_Part 1

In this post, I will tell you of an abandoned asylum in northeastern of Italy, in the province of Rovigo.
On 29 November 1929, named after King Vittorio Emanuele III, was inaugurated the new psychiatric hospital in Rovigo.

On 20 March were received the first tranches of male patients from the asylum of St. Servolo in Venice, and two days later came the sick "banked" in Noventa Vicentina, while simultaneously beginning the service was first provincial agreement.The Institute could well activate fully, accepting and withdrawing patients also scattered in other places like hospitals and nursing until then unexpended for that purpose so that the June 1, 1930 are 350 units were received, of which 199 men and 131 women.

Since then and for 50 years, until 1980, the Psychiatric Hospital of Rovigo acquitted the function of shelter and care for the entire province of Rovigo, welcoming thousands of patients, the specific task of total institution, which was a deputy under psychiatric law then in force. From the book "The place of feelings denied."

Thank you for supporting Roberto Costa, who worked in the hospital as a volunteer facilitator and party entertainment that took place between patients and entertainers.
Photo Description: A bench near the pavilion of women; a hat forgotten; death certificates; archives of patients.
Three waiting rooms; the kitchen, a room for patients; old furniture

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  1. The photos are wonderful - tho they tell a sad story...

  2. It was the sad destiny of a lot of buildings made in the "fascist age" (1922-1943). Many of them (tribunals, town halls, railway stations, etc.) are still in use, but hospitals, schools and hostels had been abandoned. The most sad ones are a lot of colonies along the sea (Milano Marittima, Cervia, Fano, Marina di Massa).

  3. Hi Grace, is a sad story. These people had no rights, they had no protection, have been forgotten by civil society to their fate. I'm trying to revive them, to give voice to this post. Thanks as always for the comments, David.

  4. Ciao Gio Ve: and 'This is a shame to leave these places abandoned to their fate without the authorities do something. You made me remember the summer camps, where I was many years ago. Ciao e grazie come sempre del commento


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