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Digital Rebel 350

07 March 2012

Venezia_Il Ponte Degli Scalzi

Digital Rebel, along with a team of 5 (for now) amateurs, participates in the National Photographic Contest " Edition".The theme of Bridges and Squares in Italy. At midnight, tonight, I was in Venice.There I was up at 7 this morning. Crazy? Maybe. But the surreal atmosphere, without people, just me with the camera, is an unforgettable experience. I have lost at least 3 times in the streets. But it was nice. Were conducted almost 400 shots in RAW, about 6 gigs of photographic material. I'll be busy for a few days. Stay updated with other interesting photos.


Il Ponte degli Scalzi

The Ponte degli Scalzi,literally, "bridge of the barefoot (monks)",is one of only four bridges in Venice, Italy, to span the Grand Canal.The bridge connects the sestieri of Santa Croce and Cannaregio. On the north side, Cannaregio, are the Chiesa degli Scalzi (Church of the Barefoot or Discalced Monks) and the Santa Lucia (Ferrovia) railway station. The south side, Santa Croce, is close to the bus station Piazzale Roma.

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  1. Is that the sun or a bright light? And where was the header photo taken?

  2. I love the composition of this shot!

  3. Hi Grace, you see the photo was taken in the early hours of the morning (call it the blue hour) in the "Sacca di Scardovari". And 'an area in the delta of the River Po, cultivated clams homegrown. Fishing is the dominant working. The black part you see is the coast. Those piles, are the "houses" of fishermen, which they use for their releases. The sun had yet to sprout, fortunately, as rises in front of you, with a few problems for the photo.

  4. Hi Rose, The problem of night shots, are the street lights for the glow that they emit, not always nice. I have taken at least 20 pictures to find the right light. Did you see the 2 stars or planets that are seen above the glow of the streetlight in front of you? What are they?

  5. "Digital Rebel 350" has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.

    1. Thank you for this post, though very kind,


  6. many thank for sharing, happy day guys.

  7. The header photo is the Ponte della Costituzione (also known as the Calatrava Bridge).

  8. Hi Bert, yes, i cofirm; is Ponte della Costituzione or "new bridge" or "Ponte di Calatrava". Welcome and thank you for comment.


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