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29 February 2012

Photo Hunt_Black widget stilt

Dear friends, during the summer of last year, precisely in the months between June and August, I gave the photo hunt, for the first time.

I bought a Sigma telephoto stabilized 120_400 used in combination with my old EOS 350D and the early morning, before sunrise, I built a hut near some mimetic artificial lakes. These, in disuse for several years and owned a sugar mill, fed by rainwater. The aquatic fauna that I found I was amazingly surprised.

In this post, I present you a very nice friend, who by his presence has accompanied this photo hunt lasting three months.The pictures you see were taken in manual, as the sudden changes of light on water, reflections, suffered from the photo taken.

Also, after I made the camouflage tent and walked in, I made little noise as possible, avoiding the move. A suffering with mosquitoes and other annoying presences always present. But it was great and this year I'll just make the photo hunt. Sorry as always for the translation.

The knight of Italy (Himantopus himantopus, Linnaeus 1758) is a marsh bird of the family of Recurvirostridi. Adults are 33 to 40 cm long and can weigh 200 g.Compared to the size, this bird has the longest legs of all bird life: they can grow up to 30 cm in length. During the flight, the flapping of wings, alternating with short glides and feet out from the length of the body, giving the rider in Italy an elegant look. They have a long beak, black and thin, the body has the upper parts black, contrasting with bright white undersides. The eye has an iris red, with a very large pupil: 'what does look like the eye of the knight of Italy to that of a baby mammal.The male differs from female in spring and summer, the back of the head black.

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  1. When I lived in Florida, I came across so many very interesting birds. They are truly one of nature's most unique creations~

  2. Great shots of a beautiful bird. Thanks for sharing

  3. DorothyL And April, thank you for comment, in the next post, other friends with wings....

  4. Your header photo? WOW!

  5. Hi Grace, is the winter sea near the mouth of the River Po

  6. They are nice and loud with their singing....


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