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05 January 2012

Hello Venice_Update 26.12.2011

Campanile of San Marco
During the Christmas holidays, and taking advantage of the beautiful day, together with my wife, my son had "to do at home"; with his friends, we visited Venice. As you remember, I have about an hour's drive to get there and it's not the first time that i visit. In this post, go up the bell tower of San Marco, to admire the beautiful landscape which is visible from this location.

We arrive at Piazza San Marco at about 9 o'clock in the morning and as always we are facing a lot of tourists, many Asian, probably Japanese. But also American, French, Spanish. Well, Venice is an international city, very expensive. Ticket prices for the various museums is very high and this is not right.

Fortunately, at that hour of the morning there are few tourists who climb on top of the tower with the elevator.

The construction of the Campanile of St. Mark's began in the ninth century with the intention of using it as an observation tower and lighthouse. The bell tower had its belfry from 1172.

In the period 1511-1514, during the Doge Leonardo Loredan, were made ​​of the extensive renovations that have led to the current form. On the top of the steeple was hoisted in 1513, an angel of gold, a statue swivel that moves with the wind.

On August 21, 1609 Galileo Galilei showed the Signoria of Venice, just from the belfry, the telescope. The tower collapsed on the morning of July 12, 1902 without causing any casualties at this time as St. Mark's Square was empty of people. It was rebuilt in just 10 years and where and how it was inaugurated April 25, 1912, feast of the patron saint of the city.

The Campanile of San Marco is 98.60 meters high (resulting in the highest of Venice) and has two distinct parts: the first, composed of bricks, measuring 49.50 meters, while the second, the upper one, as the cell bell. Inside are placed 5 bells, the only original of which is called Marangoni (the others were destroyed by the fall of 1902, and then merged again, whose names are: Pregadi, Ninth, curse, Trottiera). The view of Venice and St. Mark's Square below, that can be enjoyed from the top is beautiful, especially in fine weather, while on cloudy days or in windy conditions is not advisable to climb the bell tower. You should also avoid standing in the belfry during the passing of the hours, because the noise caused by the bells is really remarkable and it bothers the ears of the most sensitive (especially children)

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