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21 January 2012

Hello Venice _ Update 26.12.2011

The prisons
The prisons were in Venice in the Palazzo Ducale. The most inhospitable were placed on the ground floor, in what were called the wells, and cells were eighteen wood-paneled, dark and gloomy corridors only with communicating.
Here the living conditions were really terrible under the wooden boards lurking insects of all kinds, food was scarce and inedible, the air stifling, overcrowded environments..
Were housed in the attic room, however, the famous Leads. They owe their name to the lead plates that covered the roofs, making the rooms very hot summer and cold in winter. They were generally targeted at the most high-ranking prisoners or prisoners on remand.
The most illustrious guest of lead was Giacomo Casanova, ended up in jail for a long string of crimes and protagonist of the most famous and daring of the joints: the roofs are gone, Casanova managed to slide down a gutter, to slip inside the Palace and to be open, then quietly to escape on board a gondola. Not before, according to legend, enjoy a coffee in Piazza San Marco.

The New Prisons, however, were over the Rio di Palazzo, and they entered through the famous Bridge of Sighs -(Ponte Dei Sospiri).

Legend has it that this bridge would feel the sighs of the condemned, and were taken to prison. The Bridge of Sighs, which contains two overlapping corridors, served as a liaison between the Old Prison, in the Palazzo Ducale, and the New Prisons, on the seaward side of the Rio di Palazzo. His arched profile, suspended over the water of the Rio di Palazzo, draws one of the most famous of the city.

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