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21 December 2011

Monselice_Italy_The Castle

The Castle of Monselice
Dear friends, shoot photos and video inside the castle, are strictly prohibited. This amazes me. I did some photo shoots outside the castle, but do not make as much as the inside, it is spectacular. In the next post, we will visit other interiors of the castle, but with video found at the site of the Castle of Monselice, maybe they have the exclusive and that is why they do not want photos and videos made by other people.

At the foot of the hill of the fortress stands the impressive architectural complex called Castle Cini which includes in itself different types of buildings. Between the eleventh century. and the sixteenth century. The castle has been a noble residence and fortified tower to become Venetian Villa.

The castle consists of four main groups in fact, is the oldest part of the Roman House (XI century). Castelletto which together with (XII sec.) Form the first settlement. During the thirteenth century., Detached, Ezzeliniana tower was built, a powerful defensive building built by Ezzelino III da Romano. The feature inside, monumental chimneys "tower", unique in Italy for form and function, built from the dominion of the Da Carrara in Padua sec. XIV.

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  1. Un cordiale saluto e Buone Festività!!!

    pilland+confini amministrativi+estonianbloggers

  2. Love the new header photo...

  3. Hi Grace, the new header picture was taken with a camera modified with infrared filter, installed inside, without external filters. A new world has opened .....

  4. As always your pictures are wonderful doorways to fairytale places. How beautiful the fortress looks!

    I hope that you and your family have had a magical Christmas time. We have been fortunate in having mild weather this year with temperatures in double figures.
    My best wishes to you and a very happy New Year!

  5. I love castles. You got some really great pictures.

  6. Love these pictures and the header is wonderful.

  7. Hi Polly, thanks for your visit. Best wishes to you and your family, David

  8. Hi Steve n Vickie, welcome and thank you for comment.


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