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14 November 2011

Monselice_A journey into history

The places we will visit in the next post will be the way of the Seven Churches, Monselice Castle, the museum of the Lombards, and other interesting things. Here is the path that will take us to visit these monuments.
A Brief History
Monselice is located in the province of Padua, 22 km from the capital, on the southern slopes of the Euganean Hills and is characterized by the production of cereals, vegetables, wine grapes (Merlot and Friularo). Noteworthy are the canneries, electromechanical, cement, furniture, and the plush toy.

Inhabited since 'Bronze Age, the ancient Mons Silicis is conquered by the Lombards in the seventh century, as Paul Deacon said. In the twelfth century and later became a free municipality is occupied by Ezzelino da Romano, a lieutenant of the Emperor Frederick II of Swabia.
In the fourteenth century, the city is the subject of contention between the expansionist policies of Can Grande della Scala and the Carrara and takes on a military aspect and preserves signs consistent enough to be included on the list of today's Walled Towns of Veneto.

Monselice In 1405 he joined the territory of the Republic of Venice, and became the center of stay or residence of noble families such as Marcello, the Duodo, the Dwarves and the Pisans. In the '400 and '500 the medieval structure of the city is enriched with Renaissance elements.

A long channel, the Bisatto, forms a complete ring of waterways around the Euganean Hills. '600 In the center is adorned with baroque components, whose decorations are trachyte, local stone, extracted from the quarries at several points of the hill.
The mining activity has its maximum development in the 700, as well as the processing of 'gold cords woven into thin wires (the famous Golden Manin).

The 1800 is a century of remarkable industrial development witnessed, among other things, by 'opening of a major silk mill. In 900 and in particular the Second World War the city became the center of commerce for the 'whole of Lower Padua, thanks to its favorable geographic location, the center of important road junctions and rail.

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  1. I doubt I could manage those stairs or those hills! Pretty, tho...

  2. Hi, Grace, there are no problems, we can find an alternate route that will lead us in some typical restaurant in the area. Homemade pasta, stewed rooster with an excellent sauce with olives for starters. Philadelphia is far away, but a virtual journey with your husband to come and visit me you can do.


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