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12 September 2011


Riomaggiore is the easternmost of the Cinque Terre, the first town you meet coming from La Spezia, situated in the narrow valley of the river Rivus Maior, now covered.

Situated in a terraced villages located in valleys such as the country was torrential according to tradition the eighth century, a group founded by Greek refugees fleeing persecution iconoclast Leo III the Isaurian.

The houses, painted with typical Ligurian colors, follow the pattern of the tower-houses built vertically on three or four floors, linked to each other in parallel rows.

Access to homes as well as you can from the main entrance at the back of the upper floors.

At the top is the parish church of St. John the Baptist, built in 1340 by order of the Bishop of Luni.

The Oratory of the Disciplined is the sixteenth century, while the other side in an elevated position there are the remains of the castle of the XV-XVI century.

Which starts in Riomaggiore the Way of Love, to Manarola, a pedestrian street very impressive, where you can admire beautiful landscapes, including the sound of waves crashing on the rocks and the salty air.

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  1. Those houses perched on a mountainside - pretty but so scary looking. Love the murals...

  2. Hi Grace, so the houses perched on the rock, seem very vulnerable to the elements, and indeed this region (Liguria) is very sensitive to atmospheric disturbances. Even a little rain can cause mudslides and landslides, especially in winter and spring. In addition, because of strong winds in those areas, in summer, the fires, many caused by arsonists, destroyed a lot of Mediterranean; burned trees and vegetation.
    The murals are very beautiful indeed, I congratulate the person who can draw very well

  3. Amazing pictures! I am a new Follower of your Blog from Jamaica.

  4. I love your photos! I read about Liguria in Robert Ludlum's novels. Now I know what it looks like. It's very picturesque!

  5. Hi Jellybelly welcome to you and thank you for the comment

  6. What a beautiful array of photographs ... just looking at them is nearly (not quite for nothing could ever be like the real thing) like being there. I sometimes think it would be wonderful if we could add the smells and the sounds to go with our pictures, don't you?

  7. Thanks for sharing your part of the world with us. Your Photos are amazing.


  8. Hi Rojak, welcome and thank you for comment ;)

  9. Hi Polly, it would be great to combine the sounds and smells in these photos. Could you feel the waves of the sea, the voices of people in small alleys, the city market, the smell of the flowers of the season and of course the typical dishes of this region.

  10. Thank you Mannoy, welcome to you and thanks again for comment.


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