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02 August 2011

Genova_Italy_ Downtown

Dear friends, with this post, we conclude the visit to Genoa. It would take at least two days to visit it all, but we had lost too much time inside the museum of the sea, inside the submarine Nazario Sauro, and inside the Aquarium of Genoa, that the time had passed too quickly than we realized. I hope these photos give an idea of this wonderful city. The next post will be dedicated to the small village of Portovenere.

The historic center of Genoa is the best example in Europe and the Mediterranean almost entirely preserved medieval city: from "Ripa Maris" - in front of the Old Port - the palaces of the "Golden Road" (such as Palazzo Pantaleo Spinola), from Castle Hill focus of the first settlement, the new millennium Commenda Pré. In the city center on foot, the center can only be fully enjoyed and run along the alleyways of the urban fabric, or alleys.

This path - and yet so intricate organic - with its ups and squares, offers the thrill of walking through history. The alleyways surprising because it is not expected that they run continuously, thus, never knowing what it can hide the next bend: a church, a stairway or a square full of geraniums.

Genoa the Proud, perched and rough, now has many open wounds, many yards in his most prominent points. But there's one more hidden Genoa, where there is little this ferment: the alleyways of Genova, a maze with no apparent way out, where you can dive, leaving behind Via XX Settembre (the heart of the shopping ) and the great Piazza De Ferrari.

Vico has already embarked Falamonica into another world, the western windows of shops alternate with ethnic shops and shops with carved wooden objects and shells of brass. Tastes and smells of other lands mingle with the locals, like the focaccia with cheese and the excellent porridge of Tristan and Isolde, in Vico's Hay.

A little further on is Piazza Campetto, populated with shops of goldsmiths., Blacksmiths, craftsmen, manufacturers of tools and artifacts in support of port. Today there mucking about business during lunch or coffee with home-shopping bags and many oriental faces.

Via di Scurreria - drawn on the ruins of a Roman necropolis - you can shop smart: there is a Hermes store, this is one of the faces of a city of contrasts close, made of elegance and dirt, chaos and silence, shyness and openness. And yet, a few steps, you find yourself in Piazza Banchi-Molo District, with its flower market, fruit stalls, paintings, frames and used books. Suspended in the middle of the square, the Church of San Pietro in Banchi, surrounded by various banks and savings .

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  1. I love that I can click on the smaller pictures to see the larger pictures with all the details. I'm so loving my trip to Italy - Thanks!

  2. Hi Grace, unfortunately it was cloudy that day, as you can see from the photos, the lens used was a wide-angle lens with auto focus, but did not have the stabilizer, so I apologize for this, some images may have a blur. To do things right, i wanted a tripod, but you know that my wife was not so happy to wait for me to lose 10-15 minutes for each photo ... I would have risked diplomatic incident .... and a lot of abuse ;)


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