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08 June 2011

Hello Venice

Dear friends, lucky to have a good time, i went to Venice on Sunday at 2:30 in the morning, which is about an hour from my house. The highway was almost deserted and arriving early at the point of departure, i took the opportunity to take the first shot at night in this beautiful city. The ferry arrived promptly at 3:50 in the morning and after about 20 minutes, i arrived in Piazza San Marco, the target goal. During the excursion, photo, were about 200 pictures with two main objectives: Canon EFS 10-22mm wide angle and telephoto 55-250mm Canon EFS to resume some detail. The photos, I still have to check, and will be posted at the same time of the vision (if deserved). There will be random, but a sufficient explanation of the same hope to give them to you. Sorry for the horrible translation.
All photos were taken with the camera on a tripod, Mirror Lock Up activated to prevent vibration and remote control. Manual mode.
This is the landing point for the ferry boat, which will lead me in Piazza San Marco.

Wide Angle 10-22: Exposure Time = 29.9997" - F Number = F9 - ISO Speed Ratings = 100 - Focal Length = 10mm
The island of San Giorgio Maggiore is a small island located in front of Piazza San Marco in Venice. Separate from the small island of Giudecca channel of grace, is also boarded by the Giudecca canal, the basin of San Marco, San Marco and the channel south of the lagoon is part of the district of San Marco..

Wide Angle 10-22: Exposure Time = 2" - F Number = F10 - Exposure Program = Manual - ISO Speed Ratings = 100 - Shutter Speed Value = -1 TV - Aperture Value = 6.64 AV - Exposure Bias Value = ±0EV - Max Aperture Value = F3.51
The first church dedicated to St. George was built between the eighth and ninth centuries, in 982 the island was donated by a doge Tribune Memmo Monaco Benedictine, Blessed John Morosini, who founded the adjacent monastery (the monastery of San Giorgio Major), which was the first abbot. The present church, built by Andrea Palladio, who worked on the project since 1565, is one of the best-known works of the architect of Vicenza.

Telezoom 55-250mm: Exposure Time = 5"
F Number = F4 - ISO Speed Ratings = 100 - Aperture Value = 4 AV - Max Aperture Value = F4 - Focal Length = 65mm - Exposure Mode = Auto exposure

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  1. stunning under-bridge shot

  2. These are some incredible shots! I especially like the sky in the middle one, and the how clean the church looks in the bottom picture.

  3. Hi RW, thanks for stopping by: the first picture that you commented on is the result of an HDR image, a union of 3 photos in raw format, with different exposures of 1 / 3 stop, give this special effect

  4. Hi dear FishHawk, you are always welcome and thanks for stopping by to comment on this new post. That morning, I met a fantastic day, as time weather, a clear day because of light wind that is always in the lagoon of Venice. With this wide-angle lens, the perspective changes in absolute way, emphasizing the sky. Very important in low light conditions using a tripod and the self-timer to avoid shake-within the picture, especially when using the telephoto.

  5. Good Morning Charmaine, welcome to the blog. I'm learning to take pictures with this camera: I have to remember lots of things before taking the picture. It is not easy and when you can play an interesting photo,you are satisfied, even if you got up from bed at 2 am, having spent almost 20 euro for parking the car for 4 hours and to have spent another 12 € for the ferry. In Venice, pay even the air you're breathing.

  6. Having seen your magnificent photographs I can see where Leonardo got his inspiration from. The scenery is wonderful and you have managed to capture the magic perfectly.

  7. Thank you Polly to have commented on this post, I thank you for the words you have expressed. I still have many pictures to show you and I hope that they can make it even more intriguing the atmosphere of Venice.

  8. I finally found a blog that gives me emotions.
    Your photos are amazing.
    come back often to find you.


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