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22 June 2011

Hello Venice _ pt 5

Piazza San Marco

The dawn is rising, the first rays of sunlight begin to give light upon the Square, the lights went out, the tourists begin to pollute the photo shoots with their presence. You know, not easy to find the square without people. Usually the residents are nocturnal birds, discreet presence, you can type down to earth and they fly away. The photo shoot is safe ;)

Piazza San Marco, is one of the most important Italian squares and is renowned worldwide for its beauty and architectural integrity. It is the only square in Venice, as all other urban areas in the shape of the square fields are properly defined. It has a trapezoidal shape and is 170 meters long.

Heart of the lagoon city and place a symbol of the Venetian State, the monumental area of Piazza San Marco is composed of three areas:
_Square proper, ie including the area enclosed by the Magistrates and the Old and New Brand new, with a rare beauty in the architectural development of the monumental complex of the basilica and the soon facing, towering steeple of St. Mark._The Piazzetta San Marco, propagine southern front of the Ducal Palace and the Library, St. Mark's monumental entrance to the area for those coming from the sea through the two columns facing each famous St. Mark's Basin, which faces the quay of the Ducal Palace, the only the shore of Venice, which bear the name of the pier._The Piazzetta dei Leoncini propagine western side of the church and overlooking the Patriarchal Palace, so named for the two statues of lions crouching delimiting the central area overhead.

The bell tower of San Marco is a symbol of the city of Venice. The Venetians call him affectionately "El parĂ³n de caxa" (The landlord).98.6 meters high towers is one of the highest in Italy.
It stands isolated in a corner of Piazza San Marco in front of the basilica. In simple form, consists of a barrel of bricks, grooved, with a side of 12 meters and 50 meters high, above which is the belfry, arched.

The belfry is in turn surmounted by a die, whose faces are shown alternately on two lions andante and the female figures of Venice (Justice). All this is complemented by the spire, pyramid-shaped, on top of which, mounted on a rotating platform to function as a wind vane, is placed the golden statue of the archangel Gabriel. The base of the building is embellished on the side facing the Basilica, from the Loggia of Sansovino.

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  1. Amazing photos! i dream of someday visiting this City!

  2. Those are the most sensational gorgeous photos!

  3. Hi verabear, thank you for comment; When can you visit Venice, I'll gladly take you to those who accompany the translation ;)

  4. Hi Grace, thank for stoppin' by, thank for your rewarding comment, welcome in Venice...


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