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02 June 2011

Ferrara (Italy) _ Via Delle Volte

It's probably the most evocative of Ferrara, all arches, pebbles, two kilometers long, and branch out from where the romantic and quiet Crocebianca Street, Sacca Street and Colomba Street.

Delle Volte Street marks the axis along which developed Ferrara, the so-called linear, from the seventh to the eleventh century, a decisive bearing on the further development of the city. In this way the development in architecturally depth was resolved with the creation of air passages, the current faces dotting the street and used to connect the warehouse on the river bank to the shops, homes to the center.

And 'well take a good stretch of the street to enjoy the vision of building fourteenth century, and the charm of the streets which they arise. At one time not too far away was also known as the street prostitutes, and some popular sayings still refer to it. Today, however, that its former function has not been anything except a certain atmosphere that you breathe again. The road runs parallel to the most modern and busiest street and Via Carlo Mayr Ripagrande, and is joined by many of these steps

Recently, the street was restored in many of his lines and it is paved with cobblestones in a rustic river stones, typical of the medieval city.

Giorgio Bassani describes it thus in his masterpiece (The Garden of the Finzi-Contini)
"With no sidewalks, cobblestone full of potholes, the road also appeared darker than usual. As we proceeded almost groping, and the only help, and head, the light coming out of half-closed doors of the brothels, was attacked as Malnate Bring some of the usual verse. "

It 'really beautiful and walk in it seems to go back in time.

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  1. What intriguing photos. Thank you for the scenic view of some very mysterious architect~

  2. Hi Dorothy L, for stopping by. Undoubtedly Volte Street is something of mysterious and interesting, but it was essential that the municipality of Ferrara, has put hands in their pockets, reconstructing this road.


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