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Digital Rebel 350

20 April 2011


These photos have been conducted in a greenhouse, which owns, has agreed to the photos. It 'been a good test for the technical test "Macro" very difficult and challenging.
Botanical name: Rhododendron
Family: Ericaceae
Short Description: Evergreen shrub and flowers outside. It features sturdy branches with leathery leaves, the margins entire, revolute, large and very dark green color. The flowers are in corymbs at the ends of branches and have a funnel-shaped corolla divided in half to five lobes. The maximum height can be up to 6 m.

Duration: perennial
Flowering period: the rhododendron to flower requires a certain need of cold and a reduction in the number of daylight hours to 12 hours, which in nature is met in the autumn and winter, without which no flower induction. Also flourishes on new branches
Area of origin: Asia, Europe, America.
Climate: Temperate

History: Rhododendron in Greek literally means tree of the rose. In German it is called Alpenrose ie, rose in the Alps, in fact, going up to 2000 meters above sea level.
Environment: In Italy they are the wild species and ferrugineum Rhododendron hirsutum, grows on the Alps and the Pyrenees, on acid soil, to creating the sub-alpine heaths.
medicine from the dried leaves are used as drugs because they contain tannins and essential oils, it is rarely used in folk medicine as a diuretic or sweating, and muscle and joint diseases.

Exposure and brightness: It can withstand the sun, but sometimes has problems such as burning of leaves and roots of overheating, and that 'better place in bright but shaded area. The place is under a big tree where the Rhododendron will receive a diffused light.
Temperature: This plant is resistant to heat and cold being very hardy. Withstands temperatures falling well below zero degrees.

Substrate: Use a soil for acidophilic plants, or a light soil consisting of land chestnut and / or pine needles with the addition of universal soil.
Irrigation: For juveniles keep the soil slightly moist, particularly in the presence of young plants or during the hottest season. For older individuals act in the presence of prolonged drought.

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  1. lovely flower and nice shots!

  2. Thank you Pearl, thank you for comment and happy weekend.

  3. These shots are just lovely. I was raised in the Pacific Northwest, US and the "Rhodies" were everywhere...thank you for the memories!

  4. These are absolutely beautiful.
    Thank you so much for sharing your treasures~

  5. Hi Colleen, thanks for the comment, of course you welcome.

  6. Hi DorothyL, I'm glad to see you. Thanks to you the comment.


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