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05 April 2011

Forte Belvedere_part 2

Nevertheless, in November 1940 began a partial dismantling of the work. In particular, the domes were removed battleships, was taken on the first layer of beams from the roof was removed and the metal cladding of the roof. After the Second World War, the fort became the property of the Trentino Alto Adige and from 1966 to an individual with that vision partially restored it, transforming it into a museum.

In 1996 it was purchased by the City of Lavarone (with the decisive contribution of the Autonomous Province of Trento), which operates a deep restoration, restoring the original ceiling in zinc, the arrangement of the floors and a complete reorganization of the site.

Was provided also to the preparation of a modern and updated historical museum (text in Italian, German, English) with educational and informational rposes, not only dedicated to Forte Belvedere and the strongholds of the Highlands, but also to broader issues of local and international First World War. Today, moreover, through the good offices of the Autonomous Province of Trento and the creation of Studio Azzurro, Milan, Forte Belvedere relives the tragedy of war through the establishment of a series of interactive multimedia installations that evoke scenes of daily life in the structure during the conflict, an emotional experience who wants to reflect on the horror of one of the most devastating wars of all time and a reminder of peace for future generations.


The main armament of Forte Belvedere consisted of a battery of three howitzers of 10 cm in size, protected by armored domes rotating steel thickness of 250 mm. Although the 10 cm was rather small, it was preferred to more gauges for various practical reasons and also because of the fact that Strong Austrians had a mainly defensive. A relatively small caliber, in fact, allowed to pile up a large reserve of ammunition and a relative ease of movement. In addition, a larger bore would result in a loss of strength of the dome, that to be stable, would have to completely redesign and build larger ones.

Unlike other fortifications Plateau, Fort Gschwent stations did not fight armed with guns. In contrast, it was decided to equip the fortress with a large number of machine gun posts Schwarzlose 8 mm Mod 07, weapons equally effective but much cheaper.

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