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21 March 2011

Ferrara (Italy) _ At Night_Pt 1

Statue of Girolamo Savonarola

Girolamo Maria Francesco Matteo Savonarola  (Ferrara, September 21, 1452 - Florence, May 23, 1498) was an Italian religious and political.

Belonging to the order of  Dominican friars in 1497 he was excommunicated by Pope
Alexander VI, the year after he was hanged and burned at the stake as a "heretic, schismatic, and for preaching new things" and his works were ncluded in the 1559 Index of Prohibited Books.

Now is the servant of God present, the cause of her beatification was introduced May 30, 1997 by the Archdiocese of Florence.

The statue of Savonarola, is located in the square, located in the medieval center of town.
The dominant element of the square is the statue of the monk Girolamo Savonarola of Ferrara,which opened in 1875, which stands at the center of the square, supported by a large white marble pedestal.

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  1. I love the statue and would really like to know what "new things" he was peaching about that got him into big trouble.

    Your Header photo is Gorgeous!

  2. Hi Jean, thanks for stopping by to comment on the post. The statue, looking closely it seems true, harangue the crowd, unfortunately, as you see at the foot of Savonarola, there is a bundle of wood, which will be lit to burn this person. As you see, Christians have made their iniquities, and with the period of the Inquisition, during the Crusades. The main photo in the header, was taken in the morning around 5 in the town of Comacchio, a city that is crossed by canals of brackish water, a small miniature Venice, which is the Great Venice, about an hour and a half road. I have more interesting photos of Comacchio and its lagoon're ready to post it later. Hello and good day, see you soon, David

  3. The statues at night report the day in the wonderland. Your post invited Art by Tomas to unforgettable trip towards the life essentials. Thank you

  4. Hi Tomas, thanks for the comment. The night is always fascinating to take pictures and to learn more about the sights of your city, and with the confusion of the day, you find it difficult to understand.

  5. quality images, incredible lighting.

  6. Hi, Suhartono the Art, welcome to the blog, thanks for the comment. I am a beginner, about photography. I still have to do a lot of experience and understand what and how many are using the same techniques to be applied to the camera.


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