Digital Rebel 350 Digital Memories Captured With Canon EOS 350 Digital Rebel Digital Rebel 350 Digital Memories Captured With Canon EOS 350 Digital Rebel: Castle of Gropparello - Piacenza - Italy_Experiment nr3

Digital Rebel 350

05 February 2011

Castle of Gropparello - Piacenza - Italy_Experiment nr3

11 decembre 2010
In survey research at the Castle of Gropparello, were taken 395
photos valid for the present analysis on any paranormal phenomena, of which no 232 with Canon EOS 300D modified for IR and UV filter together with appropriate 850nm and No 163 with camera SVP Full spectrum UV / IR in photo mode and 9 video, still camera with SVP. The environments were analyzed, the church, the main lounge, the hall of music and the tavern.In the first three areas, although there have been phenomena of variation of field magnetic and temperature recorded by the instruments, also warned the experimenters and the experiment of EVP, there were no abnormalities either on video or in photos. In the last room, a tavern, in two photos taken with the Canon EOS camera 300D, equipped with IR filter 850nm, and specifically designated in 5131 and 5143 photos CRW raw files the original manufacturer, immediately catches the eye abnormality, forming A template is not well defined in the first and second in the anthropomorphic. The anomaly appears in only one photograph of a series of 3, in both cases.
In the first, immediately after the person goes to the stairs to get out the door
main tavern.

In the second picture, the scene when there was none present. Multispectral mode analysis carried out subsequently by the NIRC Antonio Dettori Maria independent researcher who studies and classifies phenomena related to paranormal for 10 years, you may notice that this figure did not stain as the person you see in the classic "motion blur" in this picture CRW 5130 and appointed as the second series of photos named CRW 5134, take a color all its own, not part of the environment.

Antonio Dettori, said after the analysis carried out as follows:
"The first calculations identify areas with color differences due to the use a filter, specifically, one can see how the training is much more abnormal marked with respect to the person on the images. The operation which I then run the file that identifies an anomalous figure has actually shown, through analysis on the pixels spectrally monoband pure form due to a sort of knight ..... I then isolated the figure mist cleared and the effect and making more visible the wake facial features. "

You can see, the gauge has its own color Later processing was done in 3D

Confirming that the gauge anomaly has a three-dimensional, not traceable to a person present at that moment in the scene. I note that, in this room, some researchers have warned a lot of energy, almost overwhelming.

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