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Digital Rebel 350

17 January 2011

Castle of Gropparello - Piacenza - Italy_Experiment nr1

Saturday, November 6, 2010 was made a reconnaissance survey "study" and experimentation Gropparello Castle . There were also some members of study center and Humanistic Parapsychology Phenomena Beyond the Genovese Oizzonte and contributors experts in paranormal images (abnormal). "Armed" with all the necessary equipment, led by the owner of the castle, we tried to find some "voice" and some "image" according to a particular survey protocol in advance.

Given that the survey cited above were obtained on noteworthy achievements and having obtained the "disclaimer"by the owner, Mr. Gibelli after having read, I reported here on the site, as promised, the results of analysis of the survey reconnaissance at Castle of Gropparello - made November 6, 2010.

At about 12.35 we enter the chapel, where the following EVP researchers perform the technique, with recording instruments near or above the altar:

The initial temperature of 14.6 degrees and, in the course of fifteen minutes, the temperature drops to 11.7 degrees, although the thermometer is placed under an incandescent lamp.
The teslametro recorded an anomalous value of the magnetic field, with acoustic, near the altar.
Sensations reported by the investigators:
Researcher A: feeling of heaviness, accompanied by tingling, left arm, with severe chills.
Researcher B: very strong cold chills in the whole person.
Abnormalities or environmental equipment
Researcher A: notices the sudden discharge of the battery of the laptop used for recording, when the same was at full charge.
Here, I report the EVP recordings inside the chapel

I feel you
I am

and laugh
This arm is a friend, a friend, as you are
with the thrills are there

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Camera with infrared illuminator, used for shooting interiors and exteriors of Castle of Gropparello. Filming done on November 11, 2010.
Background music medieval and Renaissance EXCALIBUR "EL Tourdion"

Video creation software: Pinnacle Studio

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  1. I won't be superstitious if I say that these reports and videos give me goosebumps. Those are scientific ghost-hunting, right?

  2. Hi C.A.T, this particular research, is made with a particular research protocol, with a statement signed by those present. The results of the research, therefore, be developed and checked very carefully to avoid running into things and just not accurate. I am not an emotional person and I do not discount the news, I must be 100% sure of what I say and write. You must not be superstitious, I was taught to be afraid of the people live, not death ...;)
    in a few days, I will present another interesting research on another place, affected by the Electronic Voice Phenomena. I was recently approached by this type of phenomena, a fact that happened in April of 2010 investigating an abandoned place. In this case, I had to lean on more experienced people in this fascinating subject. I'm almost 43 years and so many things I thought were overturned.
    thank you for visit, you are welcome.


Digital Rebel 350 - Digital Memories Captured With Canon EOS 350 Digital Rebel

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