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05 January 2011

Castle of Gropparello - Piacenza - Italy_part13

Dear friends, here is another fine gem from the Castle of Gropparello. This wall clock is positioned in the room before the music room. In excellent condition, is an absolute rarity.

A magnificent and rare Louis XVI wall clock
The round white dial, white enamel with Roman numerals and Arabic with gold inserts.

On the side of the dial, you can set the time, using a special instrument.

The case is assymetric decorated with floral designs and other decorations.

As you can see, this wall clock, on the dial the name of the manufacturer, Regnault Paris. The movement by Regnault, third quarter 18th century, Louis XVI period.

Pierre Antoine Regnault, maître horloger in 1754, and horloger de Sa Majesté Impériale l'Empereur François Ier d'Autriche (1768-1835).

In the next post, we will enter the music room to see probably ancient musical instruments from the same period.

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  1. Wow, those are absolutely stunning pictures!

  2. Man, that's really classic piece of work.

  3. Thanks for the comment Julie, you're welcome. Indeed, this wall clock has an inestimable price. I searched for some information on google to get some more news about the watch, but copies of photographs like this one, no pictures found. Blessed is the owner of this wall clock. ;)

  4. Hi (C.A.T.), thanks for stopping by, you are welcome. Even the photos of the music room, which I will publish are interesting. But to be honest Gropparello Castle is a fairy tale to visit.

  5. No, "they" certainly don't make them like that anymore.

  6. Hi FishHawk, welcome, you know how long it will take to build this clock?
    Surely a few months. Objects were made on request of the buyer. In addition, the mechanical clock, I think it can compare to that of Rolex, if not better. I'd like to interrogate the clock;) to know how many stories have seen in these hundreds of years hanging on a wall.

  7. These clocks express the respect to time of 18th century people. So there is no wonder why they look so beautifully to us today when being in constant hurry is common feature of most of us.
    Thank you for the inspiring photos. Your clocks as expanded my horizons as taught me a good visual sermon. Tomas' sketchbook was rejuvenated by your post, so to speak and thus my feedback is full with the gratitude.

  8. Hi Tomas, thanks for the comment, and welcome. I'm glad that these pictures may have inspired the creation of your subjects are always interesting as I see in your blog.

  9. "Digital Rebel 350" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope you like the image I featured, and I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.

  10. Hi Jerry,I'm happy to host this photo of my grandfather with my mom, as always thank you for the beautiful work done on your blog. David

  11. absolutely impressive. love the ornate details.

  12. Hi Life Ramblings thank you for comment: Did you see the beautiful decorations made by hand? are spectacular


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