Digital Rebel 350 Digital Memories Captured With Canon EOS 350 Digital Rebel Digital Rebel 350 Digital Memories Captured With Canon EOS 350 Digital Rebel: Castle of Gropparello - Piacenza - Italy_The Music Room

Digital Rebel 350

30 January 2011

Castle of Gropparello - Piacenza - Italy_The Music Room

Here's another picture "abnormal" taken inside the music room and studied with biometric software.
It'catches the eye is also a second fault, technically explained, because it is error setting the camera, or too long shutter speed (motion blur the subject in the scene) and excessive closure of the diaphragm, which resulted in a diffraction.
In multispectral analysis carried out later by Antonio Maria Dettori, biometric software expert mode NIRC, the two errors are replaced by a well-defined outline, difficult to reduce this to the person in that place.

You may notice that the shape takes the same color of the flooring and the color of the face (color purple), which is located near the base than at the top of the door is not the same as the subject's face in foreground (blue). In addition, eight lines already detected in the original take a black color, like all the luminous parts of the photo.
Dettori explains the phenomenon this way:."This is the spectral analysis of the photo with the score. The score seems to belong to a unconscious production of the Researcher, perhaps caused by the place where you were but, what he gave surprises is the figure on the left, as known, chromatically seems to be belonging to the environment and not of human origin ......
If you see Researcher's face as a reference you know that is chromatically different face on the left that is appeared only after an examination because the spectral IR wavelength range from 760nm up to 940nm therefore part of this wavelength was not detected by the filter 850nm
. "

In the details of the face, you may well notice that it looks like a bald person and in a subsequent It was found that the detected face in multispectral and that of the subject in the scene, are not equal.

Dettori tells us so the comparison and further inquiries:
"I send you the combination with the person that you sent me ..... However, I remain puzzled about its approach because, as I said yesterday, the shadow that has been taken has given shape to a face appears to be attributable to a person on the age of 60, the figure seems not only have a height of about 2 meters to the researcher and the door, a function with the environment, the spectral analysis merges with 'environment by giving it a color similar to that of the floor, plastered on the right side of the jamb and this matches the complexion of the only person visible in the photo, in this case the researcher. The figure acts as a shadow or a trail that could also be attributed to a person in motion, but I remain perplexed because of its height and the fact that there are spectrally variations between the head, leaving clothes all in one color form. The person that you sent me does not seem to match because of these reasons, the development of the front is tilted with respect to the unusual shape, the shape of the mouth and nose looks different figure anomaly seems to resemble a Roman nose
. "
Subsequently there has been an elaboration of the frames in 3D

"Confirming that the detected face anomaly, it has a three-dimensional, can not be traced to the person in the scene at the time of capture. I note that, in this room, after peaking out teslametro scale, there were two other outlier located close to the piano and correspondence analysis of multi-spectral shape appeared, in addition to a substantial change in internal temperature.
However, we recommend further investigation, in order to verify whether this is a phenomenon that is part of those that occurred in that room, to be executed as soon as possible

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