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Digital Rebel 350

29 December 2010

Castle of Gropparello - Piacenza - Italy_part12

Here is the monumental fireplace, with rich stucco decorations of mythological inspiration, horseback riding surprised the quality of materials and the carved figures that look real.

The environment, consisting of a gallery with vaulted ceiling, currently presents architecture and decorations dating from the middle of the 700 in so-called style "rococo. "

Kept in excellent condition, this particular fireplace, along with Celtic monument, and the carved figures above the drawbridge that probably immortalized Knights Templar, makes this place unique, not to mention first of all, this castle is inhabited by people and other fleeting appearances and loud ......

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  1. I tuoi reportages sono sempre interessantissimi e corredati da foto grandiose!
    Auguro un favoloso 2011, fatto di salute, fortuna e successo in ogni aspettativa!

  2. Ciao, grazie a Political Border per il commento, contraccambio i vostri auguri per un felice anno nuovo ;)

  3. Very beautiful fireplace!
    A real artwork. Enjoyed the pictures.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog, I´ve meet yours trough EC too.
    Happy Holidays :)

  4. Hi Mizè, thank you for visiting my blog, I will be happy to meet again with the other comments in other posts, thanks and happy new year ;)

  5. Your new header image is incredible! Okay, it may not be all that new, but I just noticed it. So, it is new to me!

  6. Hi FishHawk, thanks for stopping by, I think it is very difficult to find a fireplace like this. It seems alive, depicting the faces seem to speak to you, it is very disturbing .....

  7. Such beautiful craftsmanship!

  8. Thank you Noner for your comment & visit, you're welcome. ;)

  9. Happy New Year!
    All the best for 2011 :)

  10. Ciao Mizè: felice anno nuovo

    Feliz Ano Novo ;)

    gracias per la tua visita

  11. What a lovely architectural gem. I'm usually not enamored by this style, but wow!

  12. Hi Lauren, thank you for your visit, have a fireplace like this would be nice, but you will also have in your house the spirits of the faces ;)


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