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14 December 2010

Castle of Gropparello - Piacenza - Italy_part8

A Brief History of Rosania:

Rosania, is given in marriage by her family, Fulgosio of Piacenza, Pietrone said "Cagnano" or da "Cagnano" because of this castle rock, then actually called, Rocca di Cagnano, ancient name of this territory in the province of Piacenza.
But the girl was in love with a young leader, Lancelot Auguissola, also known as "Bracciforte". Some time later, while Pietrone had left with his troops to fight against the Lusardi family, on the borders of his territory, leaving few men to defend the castle, Lancelot, wins with great expenditure of energy and the stronghold of men on behalf of the Marquis Obizzo Pallavicini, a member of the feudal Ghibellines, not knowing that the castle was also his old love.

Pictures inside the restaurant, which hosts visitors to the Castle of Gropparello
Conquered the castle, Lancelot, wants to kill all the prisoners to give a cautionary example to other castles. Rosania, then put on her most beautiful dress, it must meet the ruthless winner, in turn, not knowing that it is Lancelot, to move him, offering him and save the lives of prisoners. So the two lovers meet and relight the fire of passion now far away, spend a night of love.
But Lancelot, was called by the captain, for other companies to leave the castle with his troops and soon after returns Pietrone, which was immediately informed by an old and faithful servant named Verzuvia of betrayal by his wife. Pietrone, decided to make a terrible revenge: he dug a small room under the foundations of the castle, on the pretext of creating a safe haven in case of threats and attacks by enemy troops. One night, sending away all but the most faithful servants, the wife falls asleep with a wine drugged and locked up in rooms that had been dug, closing the entrance with stones and lime and masks it with shrubs.

Verzuvia having disappeared also, Pietrone, said that Rosania was removed with the old woman to travel to visit his relatives in Piacenza and that during the race was attacked by bandits and kidnapped and disappeared without a trace. In the chronicles of 1293, states that "great sorrow spread in Piacenza, about the alleged death of Rosania". Later, however, said that the corpse of an old woman, who could be Verzuvia, was found in the river Vezzeno a few hundred meters from the castle, and then began to suspect the awful truth.

But Pietrone eluded human vengeance as soon met a horrible death, falling into the ravine with his horse around the castle. And then, on stormy nights, you can hear moans and groans rise from the depths of the rock, are the spirits of the unhappy Rosania, the cruel and sad Pietrone Verzuvia, condemned to wander in the place of tragic earthly life, until one 'soul predestined to have mercy on them does not come to liberate them by giving them peace at last.

The result, as always, the next episode
Sorry for the translation that is not exactly correct ..

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  1. I love the story, theme and also the wonderful play with the photos. I have so very much to learn.

    These are just fabulous as always!

  2. Hi Jackie, think, is a true story, and that the prison of Rosania has yet to be discovered.Saturday, December 11, the last time I went, I met two men who can find a ground penetrating radar, which could help in the search for prison Rosania.

    Thank you Jackie for stoppin' by ;=)


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