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07 December 2010

Castle of Gropparello - Piacenza - Italy_part7

Mysteries And Legends

Like all castles who respect Gropparello also has its legends and its mysteries, they speak of secret passages, rooms walled in, of "well cut" (ie those pitfalls with sharp blades made from wells driven into the walls, where thrown the unfortunate gentleman that wanted to "get rid" or enemies), etc..

Certainly, there were prisons, which were found in some places under the body for the garrison, which are accessed through low and narrow passages, which suggests its function to prevent the escape of prisoners (now this part can not be visited for reasons security).

Of course, it also speaks of a ghost, that of the unhappy Fulgosio Rosania, who was buried alive by her husband, Pietrone from Cagnano, for she betrayed him during his absence from the castle.

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  1. This has been a wonderful series. I have really enjoyed it very much!!
    Happy day!

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  3. Hi Jackie, thanks again for your comment on my blog. You were very good in this picture to hit the birds in flight. The hard part, I think, looking at the picture is telephoto use these birds as being in motion is difficult to catch them in flight. I own a 500 mmm telezoom manual and I think that will be difficult to make shots like that. In addition, as an example of difficulties on 50 pictures taken by me, only a maximum of 10 are decent. Not having a large budget available for now, I just use the Samyang 500mm with manual focus, tripod and remote control to prevent movement. Thanks again.

  4. Grazie Alessandra per la visita, puoi parlare in italiano, ti capisco ;)

  5. Hi thanks for the comments and the input. I do need a nice tripod. The one I have now was fairly expensive yet when I am working with my 1500mm telezoom it is shaky.

    I am afraid it will topple and do damage to my lens. So I am catching these shots while hand holding m camera with that huge heavy lens on it.

    I hope Santa brings me a new tripod and a remote control. I also love to get shots of the moon in various phases. That is very difficult to do without a tripod.

    Of course, my dream wish from Santa would include a new camera and several lenses. But, I just don't see Santa granting that wish this year.

    I love all photos but I tend to stick to nature shots. I really love capturing nature in action.

    I love these shots here too and would spend more time myself on indoor subjects. But, we live in a very rural area. There are no cities or even fairly large towns anywhere near me.

    I would go nuts with my camera if I could visit Italy or any part of Europe.

    But, I am just a stay at home, learn as you go, amateur. I just started about 2 years ago and had a long 6 months break in that time period.

    If I had know I was going to get as hooked as I did I certainly would have bought a different camera. I am stuck right now with EFS lenses only with the exception of my 1500 and it is EF&EFS.

    thanks for stopping by and leaving your input. I am just learning and really appreciate the help!

    Have a great day,

  6. These are fantastic photos. I especially like the suit of armour.

  7. Hi Tony, thanks for stopping by to comment on. This morning I'm still new to the castle to take interesting photos, welcome here.


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