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05 November 2010

Po River_ 5 November 2010 _Fortress of Stellata_Ferrara_Italy

The Fortress of Stellata, was born as a defensive place, this is evidenced by the presence of ditches and trenches, and it seems its origins date back to one thousand. Due to the coastal location, Stellata, was easily affordable, so it needed defenses, Stellata was also on the border with the province of Mantua. Nicolo d'Este II, who built the castle of Ferrara, in 1362, rebuilt the fortress of Stellata on the previous place. Being the first meeting point for people hostile stars, with the town of Ficarolo(Rovigo_Italy) had to defend the junction of Po river.

Fortunately, the flood of the Po River, has passed. There are still flooded wetlands, but the water is receding, returning within the basin of the Po river.
This morning, I visited this beautiful Fortress built around the year 1000 in the floodplain of the Po River, and also concerned that the enormous amount of water down the hill, mountains, and directed toward the Po River Delta, about 80 km.

Queen of Fortress

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  1. Nice shot of the flood especially the first photo.

  2. Thank you Michael, thank you for your comment

  3. Ya its looking good dear.But where your code? Give yours too,oh yes give your two code for two blog and give me two link also from your two site.Thanks.

  4. Flood is happens everywhere . Some state of my country also faces the same problem .

    The po river looks nice . maybe ur photo skills is good .

  5. Hi Winter Gurl, unfortunately, these weather events, occur more frequently than several years ago, may be climate change? It is undeniable that the man has a serious responsibility for what happens.

  6. Strange weather is happening all around the planet. I think Mother Earth is mad at humankind's disrespectful actions.

    The castle and it's history is so interesting. I really enjoy learning about other places.

  7. Your report is making me remember a funny thing. Along the river Po, in the Region of Veneto, the first village is Ficarolo and the last is Gnocchetta!!! Best wishes from a new follower

  8. nice shots, the first is really nice!

  9. Exact Pilland, "po della gnocca" is so named because of the fishermen during their passing out at the mouth of the river Po, met on their way to a house landowners who had a beautiful daughter. That's why some of gnocca. In Italian has many meanings ..... ;)

  10. Pilland Ciao, ma sei italiano?
    vedo sotto il tuo sito cavriana(mantova)
    se sì sono diventato matto a fare la traduzione con google in inglese...
    potevi dirmelo...;)

    vuoi fare uno scambio di link?
    ti lascio la mail oppure se vuoi fare un commento con la risposta. ciao


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