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26 November 2010

Castle of Gropparello - Piacenza - Italy_part4

The entrance to the fortress was only possible through the two drawbridges, a "driveway" (still working), which was lowered only to the passage of military men on horses or wagons, and a pedestrian.
The main door is surmounted by an interesting bas relief of St. George in the act of hitting the dragon about to devour the young princess, in the familiar legend that has inspired many medieval and Renaissance artists.

Outside the park is very interesting, as it houses an old well, two statues guarding the entrance to the drawbridge.

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  1. those statues guarding the draw bridge are awesome

  2. Hi Evan,stone guards are to protect the entry of hundreds of years but the interesting thing in my opinion,is the emblem that you see at the beginning is very mysterious, the owner of the castle, said that may depict the Knights Templar. On December 11th, I will come back again and try to buy the book written by the owner where it should describe everything in minute detail of particulars. Thank you for visit

  3. All the pictures are awesome to me. However, I am very interested in the Knights Templar (thanks to Dan Brown's books i.e. The Da Vinci Code).
    Please do post more about the meanings of those beautiful statues.

  4. Thanks for dropping.

    Have a nice day.

  5. Hi Jean, without a doubt, this castle has retained all its glory in the charm of mystery. Still missing part of the garden, very interesting, as well as the showpiece that it is the inner rooms of the manor. Coupled with this, we must remind ourselves why the visit to the castle. Research into the paranormal. Well, even this research has given interesting surprises. The rest of the upcoming episodes. After visiting the castle, I will explain with pictures, the experiments in search of ghosts Gropparello.

  6. My area of archaeology is concerned with architecture but I've never heard about or seen anything about this castle. Great shots!

  7. Hi Laren , I'm glad that you like the post of Gropparello Castle, welcome ;)


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