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19 November 2010

Castle of Gropparello - Piacenza - Italy_part3

Dear friends, we begin our journey through the history of this castle. The outer part, relates to walkways, where the guards of the castle in the medieval period perform surveillance in case of attack by hostile forces.

The castle was built on a mountain peak, natural defense against attacks. Therefore, the walls are not so high, having as a protection, the strategic location of the mountain.

The owner of the castle during our visit, living in the manor, reports to have heard repeatedly over a long time, at night, heavy footsteps and dragging noises coming from outside the castle and precisely from the walkways.

This was interpreted as the ghosts of soldiers dragging their comrades dead or wounded. Legend? Fantasy? Imagination? Maybe .... But I remind you that these places are full of history and attendance remained hanging in our world because they never found peace. The result of the upcoming episodes .....

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  1. sound interesting . remember share the story lol

  2. Hi wintergurl December 11, if all goes well, i return to the castle for another expedition in search of the invisible ...

  3. Superstore, welcome, but no spam, I will be forced to moderate comments.

  4. It all sounds mysterious and fun...great pictures!
    Happy day,

  5. Hi Jake, welcome in this mysterious world ;)

  6. Beautiful shots you've got here. Now following this blog.. Come by my place sometimes.

  7. I'm so jealous - I would love to be able to explore old castles and explore for ghosts. My sister lives in Scotland and has been to many. I'm still waiting to visit her. There aren't very many old castles here in the states.

  8. Hi Sheila, thanks for stopping by. Do not be jealous;), I believe that when you go to find your sister in Scotland, you can certainly make an interesting investigation about the ghost hunting, there are castles that have a history of hundreds of years. On the young state that is America, I read that there are several research groups specializing in search of ghosts and strange appearances. Every place has its history, although recently always contains something interesting, thanks again for visiting, David

  9. grazie album foto del commento, benvenuto ;)


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