Digital Rebel 350 Digital Memories Captured With Canon EOS 350 Digital Rebel Digital Rebel 350 Digital Memories Captured With Canon EOS 350 Digital Rebel: Full Spectrum HD Camcorder

Digital Rebel 350

27 October 2010

Full Spectrum HD Camcorder

Ghost Hunting Equipment_What lurks within the Invisible Spectrums? Spirits exist on many frequencies or dimensions other than our own. These dimensions also contain frequencies of light unseen by the human eye.

High Definition Full Spectrum Video Camera T-700/718 HD

Modified to take photos and video with sound in the Full Light Spectrum.

An essential Ghost Hunting Tool, this camera will capture images reflected with UV and IR light. These light frequencies are invisible to human eyes.
From Ultraviolet to Infrared and the Visible Light in between.

Our Prize: 199 USD
Ships in 4-5 business days

All cameras can pick up some IR and UV light and that is why ghosts have been photographed since the beginning of modern photography.
This camera has been modified to allow the maximum amount of invisible light into the
camera in order to concentrate our focus within the spirit world. Custom modified to capture images reflected
within all Light Spectrums including the visible light.

1080p HIGH DEFINITION For better, more
clear evidence

This Full Spectrum High Definition Digital Video
Camera will capture images reflected within both ends of the light spectrum
Where Spirits Reside!

3.7 volt Li-Ion rechargeable battery with USB
Camera pouch,
TV out cable,
USB cable,
HDMI cable,
Tripod mountable

Image Sensor
5.0 MP CMOS sensor
Image Resolution  DV : FULL HD-
1440X1080(up to 30fps), HD-1280X720(up to
30fps), WVGA-848X489(up to 60fps) &
QVGA-320X240(up to 30fps)
DC : 4000X3000 (12MP Max.-Hardware
Interpolation), 3200x2400 (8.0 MegaPixels),
2592X1944 (5.0 MegaPixels), 2048X1536
(3.0 MegaPixels)
Lens  F/2.8 f=8.5mm
Focus range  0.6m. ~ Infinity
Macro mode  11cm ~ 18cm
Zoom  3x Digital Zoom
Flash strobe  Build-in (Auto/fill-in/off) - Photo
Mode Only
LCD display  3.0?fine grade LTPS color LCD
White balance  Auto / Sunny / Cloudy /
Fluorescent / Incandescent
AE ISO  Auto/100/200/400
Storage Memory  Internal : N/A
External: SD/MMC card ; Up to 32GB (SDHC)
File format  Picture:JPEG, Video: MOV
Self timer
5 and 10 seconds, Off
PC interface  USB 2.0
Power source   3.7V Li-ion rechargeable
TV-out  HDMI, CVBs NTSC / PAL (include Audio)  
System requirement  Operating System:
Window XP/Vista or above ; Mac 10.4.9 or
CPU: Pentium 4 / 3.0Ghz or above
RAM: At least 1GB
Interface: USB port
Display Card: nVidia Geforce 7600 or ATI X
1600 or above

Please Note:
As with all cameras, our Infrared and Full Spectrum cameras require a light source in order to capture images in darkness. This is the nature of these types of devices.

NOTE: This camera has no internal memory. Requires up to 32 GB SD Card

Any information can be sent to this email, stating your requirements. In
addition, this camcorder can be used to take pictures as
art photography, as the color, has a predominance of red. See the blog, for
some photos taken with this camera.

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Digital Rebel 350 - Digital Memories Captured With Canon EOS 350 Digital Rebel

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