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05 October 2010

Chestnut Festival_Zocca(Modena)_Italy

Dear friends, I want to tell the trip made with the Funky Friends, laughing at the country of Zocca, province of Modena_Italy. Over the hill and surrounded by chestnut trees, we decided to go to gather chestnuts in the woods that surround it.
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After collecting several pounds of chestnuts, we went to the restaurant ....
Gramigna with sausage.(This yellow color, it means that many eggs were used for the production of this hand-made pasta
Yellow polenta garnished with mushrooms and wild boar.
And finally in the center of Zocca, we visited the festival that took place

You can see the processing of milk for the production of real parmesan cheese....

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And some volunteers in cooking chestnuts....

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Could not fail to conclude this day in joy, these volunteers very happy to cook chestnuts.

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  1. Hi Jean, every year in this Apennines Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, and in others as in Tuscany, in the small mountain villages, there is a tradition of collecting chestnuts. People of all ages go to collect the chestnuts, then cook at home. There are outdoor markets where they sell candy, food, antiques, etc.. Furthermore, in addition to gathering the chestnuts, if you're lucky, you can pick mushrooms, but you have to be an expert, otherwise there is a risk to gather poisonous mushrooms.

  2. What fun! I'd love to see this side of Italy as well. :)

    Spinning Lovely Days

  3. Hi spinninglovelydays,the beauty of the chestnut harvest, is that you're surrounded by nature, with the scents of the Apennines, the pine trees, walk among mosses and lichens. unspoilt countryside, the cars do not pass, no pollution, no acoustic noise, it seems to be in a place of peace, quiet and far from modern times more and more chaotic. And then at the end you sit in a restaurant in another time and eat the local specialties. A special day spent with friends.

  4. Thanks for sharing , i like this activity a lot . get close to environment .You all have fun tat day :)

  5. Thank you winter gurl for following my blog, have a nice day ;)


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