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17 October 2011


Festival of the Lamb and mutton
Dear friends, finished our virtual trip Luguria, today I bring in another Italian region: Emilia-Romagna, my region. About a hour and a half by car you reach the town of Brisighella in the province of Ravenna. Medieval town in an excellent state of preservation, where at the end of October of each year, there is the festival of the Lamb and mutton. These photos are part of the visit made the last year at this festival. In the next post, I will propose the culinary highlights of this festival. Good reading. Sorry as usual to the translation

Brisighella (Brisighèla Romagnolo dialect) is a town of 7,847 inhabitants of the province of Ravenna, located 115 meters above sea level on the road between Ravenna and Florence, at the foot of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.

The village is characterized by three rocky pinnacles, which rest on the rock Manfredi (XIV), the sanctuary of Monticino (eighteenth century) and called the Clock Tower, rebuilt in the nineteenth century on the ruins of an earlier defensive settlement of the twelfth century.

Monuments and places of interest
Via del Borgo or Donkey Street
It's an elevated road that receives light from the features arched windows of varying ampiezza.Costruita probably in sec. XIV, is the oldest defensive bulwark to protect the village. At first discovery, the road was walkway and means of communication, then it was covered and incorporated in the home when he lost his role as difesa.In later in this neighborhood lived the birocciai, carrying chalk from the quarry above the village , using donkeys, hence the name "donkey Street." the stables were located across the strings while the houses were plans superiori.I wagons, "the carts," were placed in dormitories dug into the chalk, which opened in the square below.

The clock tower
The clock tower (The lady of the time) Bulwark of defense dating back to 1290. It was rebuilt in 1548, damaged many times and reduced in its present form in 1850. At the foot of the walls are still visible traces of ancient dwellings.
It currently houses the Museum of Time.

Rocca Manfrediana and Venetian Fortress
It stands on one of three rocky pinnacles that dominate the village. The complex of this fortress is composed of so-called "Venetian Tower"; (XVI) and the ancient ";Torricino";, which dates back to 1300, built by the Manfredi family of Faenza. Today brought a new splendor for continuous and qualified restoration, is an excellent example of medieval military architecture. Today it houses the Museum of Rural Life. Today, this historic fort, built to protect an entire valley, with defensive characteristics of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, which attracts visitors from the Arena can visually roam far and, perhaps, to relive past times, when life appeared completely different from those aspects current.

The old fountain
The oldest public source of the country, was built in 1490 within the ancient walls, near the gate of Florence and was fed by the waters of the nearby vein of gypsum. The people called it "the funtana di tri sbroff " (three of the fountain jets).

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  1. Beautiful, as always. I am fascinated by the round towers. Where were you standing to get those great shots of the roof tops?

  2. Hi Grace, you see these monuments, are joined by a beautiful walk through a grassy path surrounded by vines and trees. Those Color that you see in the landscape, are the typical Tuscan Emilian Apennines autumn colors. If I'm not going to work, it is likely that at the end of October, I will return to taste the typical products of the place. In the next post, I will show you typical tasted last year.

  3. Wonderful pictures!


  4. Hi Joyce, thank you for visit Digital Rebel, and thank you for your comment , you're welcome.


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