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02 December 2011


Today: Eesedra di San Francesco Saverio ,Villa Duodo,Villa Nani Mocenigo,Antiquarium Longobardo.
Eesedra di San Francesco Saverio
The portico of St. Francis Xavier and the Steps back to the middle of 1600. It was by Alvise Duodo dedicated to St. Francis Xavier who lived in these places in 1537. Besides, more than a gate, the flight of steps leading to trachyte lane access to the keep. In addition to completing the monumental setting of the whole, this building offers a wide panoramic view over the city and surroundings of Monselice.

1 Villa Duodo: summer residence built by the brothers Francesco and Domenico Duodo. Its construction was initiated between 1589 and 1591 and was entrusted to the able architect Vincenzo Scamozzi. He, however, was not the only one to follow the proceedings. The villa was built in two stages: the body on the right side, prebarocca work was performed by Scamozzi in 1593, while the front will be added to the original prospectus in 1740 by architect Andrea Tirali.
2 Villa Nani Mocenigo: Patrician palace of the eighteenth century, recently restored. It shows a wall from which peep suggestive figures of dwarfs (stone doorway, stairway decorated with statues with semicircular end stables to the right side of the road).
Antiquarium Longobardo
The ground floor of the castle library of Monselice was set up in 1998 the Antiquarian Lombard. The museum houses a small Lombard necropolis from the archaeological site located halfway up the hill of the fortress, along the path of the Mastio Fredericiano.

The Lombards, a Germanic people originally from Scandinavia, conquered in 602 by King Monselice Agilulf, as stated in the description given by Paul Deacon in the "Historia Longobardorum": "... Castrum Montis Langobards Silicis invaserunt ...", taking possession of the old Byzantine fortifications of the fortress on the hill.The necropolis, dating in the first half of the seventh century., Consists of 5 with 7 graves of warrior bodies and child Lombards and their funeral.

The graves and buried the bodies, reassembled in the current museum, faithfully respect the position they are found. The rich funeral consists of weapons (spatha, scramasax, spear and boxcutters), dall'umbone shield, personal objects (bone combs, buckles and pendants belt) and a beautiful cross in gold foil , decorated with twisted animalistic.The museum, housed in a didactic, is a necessary starting point for subsequent visits to the archaeological tour of the museum and the Rock Hill summit in Federiciano Mastio.

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  1. O, those steps! Makes me dizzy just to look at them!

  2. Hi Grace, the steps are not as steep as they seem, but there's always the virtual elevator that can accompany us in the top of these stairs effortlessly.

  3. I really like your header today - looks like the bird is flying right at me - cool!

  4. Think Grace, I feel dizzy just looking at the top .....


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