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11 August 2011

Tellaro and Sarzana_Liguria_Italy

These two countries have been visited on the same day as they are neighbors. The first, Tellaro, was visited during the day while Sarzana, during the evening, after dinner with a pizza. In the next post, we will be sitting in a restaurant in Lerici, tasting the local products, do not miss ....

Tellaro, presumably ancient and charming village of Etruscan origin at the seaside 3 km from Lerici, is characterized by a square which is overlooked by meeting several shops and the old town, hugging the cliff entirely.

Narrow arteries in the sometimes almost continuous interconnected with each other, lead to the sea in the square before the call. Around the church, built on a rock overlooking the sea as a kind of ship ready to set sail, the houses were built, each tight around each other.

A Tellaro in its square, the road stops: in addition, the rocks on the sea defending the privacy of those great beaches "spiaggioni", and pristine wilderness which you can access from the sea with special services, "the spiaggioni", ideal for lovers of freedom and silence. A few steps from Tellaro towards Lerici, behind a charming cliffs and gorges full of atolls, a paradise of wildlife, the beaches of Fiascherino of a suggestion, an explosion of emotions and a link between the real and the divine, from which great poets and writers Byron, Shelley, Stanley, could not ever come off.

Sarzana is located in Liguria, in the Val di Magra, where the SS 63 della Cisa meets the Via Aurelia. The city is located in the heart of Lunigiana, direct descendant of the ancient Roman city of Luni, which replaced a religious significance as the beginning of the thirteenth century.

Sarzana has ancient origins, already mentioned in the first millennium and a fascinating history, dominated by many lords and cities, Castruccio Castracani, Spinetta Malaspina, Pisani, the Visconti, the Genoese and the Florentines, and where Dante lived. The city has two castles, the fortress Firmafede, the source and the Pisan fortress Sarzanello old bishop's residence. Today century walled village is almost intact, with walls and four towers.

Nearby, you can visit the village and reach the sea Falcinello Marinella di Sarzana or visit the archaeological excavations of Luni, the neighboring village of Orton.

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  1. Such a beautiful place. I really like that house with the green door.

  2. Hi Grace , actually I think the photo you commented is the best in this series. We should be lucky enough to come back in special conditions of the day, see the sunrise and sunset. I believe that even a bad photo taken between sunrise and sunset can give satisfaction.


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