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05 August 2011

Porto Venere_Liguria_Italy

Early start in the morning, to Porto Venere. The calm sea has helped this easy crossing to this lovely town.

Porto Venere is an Italian town of 3,906 inhabitants in the province of La Spezia in Liguria. Since 1997, Porto Venere, together with the islands of Palmaria, Tino, Tinetto and the Cinque Terre has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage.

Very famous beaches of the area, with crystalline water and strong currents of the Ligurian Sea, which reaches close to the coast suddenly discrete depths. Of note the beaches of NW side of the island of Palmaria, also mentioned in the Blue Guide of Legambiente and Touring Club. The ancient village of the country, on the cliff, and insists on the islands of the Regional Natural Park of Portovenere, managed by the homonymous city office.

The Church of San Pietro
According to studies by some archaeologist, in the period of paganism there was a temple, perhaps, to Venus Ericina (from what, you say the name of Portus Veneris),transformed, then, at the dawn of Christianity in a Christian church. In 1256, the Genoese settlers out of gratitude to Porto Venere, which contributed to the conquest of the Castle of Lerici, decided to raise the church of S. Peter on the remains of pre-existing early Christian temple, following the model of the new architecture of the Gothic-Genovese said.

The Church of San Lorenzo
The work of the church of San Lorenzo, built by the desire of the Genoese, began in 1116 and was consecrated by Pope Innocent II in 1130 to work may not yet completed. The structure is impressive taking into account the size of the country.

Byron Cave
Today Porto Venere is a unique tourist village, a pleasant combination of modern equipment and primitive environment, to protect a beautiful and unique location between sea and sky. It is a splendid example Byron's Cave, in the bitter sunken rocks of the shore that leads to the Cinque Terre.

The cave is dedicated to the famous English poet of the nineteenth century, although, in reality, Lord Byron, while extolling the beauty of the bay, never visited this place, whose original name is dell'Arpaia Cave.

From this point you can take the characteristic alleys, typical street narrow and winding through the upper part of Porto Venere, once called "Castrum Superior." Walking through the alleys, cut by three picturesque stairways that connect the village to the sea, meet the locals and the typical, alternating with special workshops. At the base of the houses stretch, painted with typical Ligurian colors, the Descent is the most lively and popular in the country, where there are restaurants, bars and shops.

Another day passed under the sign of summer. I give you an appointment in a few days for another post.

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  1. great pictures and great blog!

  2. Hi Andrea, thanks for the comment, I welcome you.

  3. Such great scenes.. How I wish I could take photos of the place as well.. :)


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