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17 August 2011

Lerici_Liguria_Italy_ At the "Piccola Oasi" restaurant

Dear friends, as promised, I booked a table for you all. You can have dinner with typical products of the Italian region of Liguria. From the first picture you see, the landlord is Mrs. Anna, very nice person.
Based primarily vegetarian, the restaurant "Piccola Oasi" stands out for its light cuisine but also for the environment and especially the hospitality of the owners.

The restaurant in the old town of Lerici is designed and built in the early nineties, thanks to the inventiveness of the couple Anna and Mario have been able to transform a simple courtyard in a romantic outdoor garden area and fresh and in an internal pleasant place to spend an evening at home. The inner room retains the vaulted arches of the old hospital that once had its own entrance where there is now a restaurant.

The menu is mostly vegetarian-based, unique, distinctive and unlike any other restaurant in Lerici. The dishes are light and tasty,the ingredients used are natural and genuine, used easily without the use of fat or cream, all prepared at the moment as it once was. With the kitchen because you can ask the kind of sauce for potato gnocchi and see Mrs. Anna prepared before your eyes, with potatoes and flour.
The family management guarantees to find a personal and friendly environment, away from the canons of the great restaurants, close to a lounge where you can spend a pleasant evening, eating healthy and genuine and have a chat with confidence..

Enjoy testaroli, a disc of dough like pancakes without eggs with a light pesto without garlic, the top of the Genovese and delicious cakes with vegetables, all dishes of the area of origin..

Montefiori soup
Mixture of cereals and legumes
Testarolo pesto
Pasta type crepes topped with pesto
Oasis dumplings
Freshly prepared potato gnocchi
Vegetable pie
Tart of seasonal vegetables
Cima alla Genovese
Veal stuffed with vegetables
hot buns
be stuffed with soft cheese, coppa di Parma,
Colonnata bacon, anchovies
Anna's Sweet
"changes daily";

The evening of July 8, was the last spent in that country of Liguria. We are preparing to return home the day after, not before visiting Pisa. You again to the next post with some photos of this Tuscan city.

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  1. Unique but good.


  2. Hi Joyce, welcome and thank you for comment.


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