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17 July 2011

Lerici_Liguria_Italy pt1

Hello everyone, in this post, I will speak of the Castle of Lerici.Here are some photos taken at the castle, unable to visit for work in progress, and other scenic photos taken from outside the castle.

The castle stands in a dominant position on top of the headland to the south of the bay of Lerici, its history is tied to the evolution of the possessions and achievements that have occurred over the centuries in this eastern part of Liguria. In 1152 the village of Lerici is purchased from Genoa and the Genoese and their allies will probably realize a core group of fortifications.

Pisa in 1241, with the battle on the island of Giglio, won the dominion over the territory, and Castor is a defensive system made ​​of a certain size and built the castle. In 1256 the Genoese are also reclaiming Lerici, as recalled by an ancient inscription on the lintel of the entrance of the chapel of St. Anastasia, the castle was enlarged, reinforced the main tower and the village is equipped with a set of walls.

In later centuries Lerici undergoes a continuous alternation of various dominations until, in 1479, the village and its castle definitely return in the possession of the Republic of Genoa. In 1555, as documented by two epigraphs at the entrance of the castle and when it has spread the use of firearms, the original medieval fortress is further magnified by elevating structures and reinforcing the perimeter walls, which in some places reaches the depth over 6 meters.

Looking at the structures of the castle is clear that they are the testimony of alternation of successive rulers over the centuries and is therefore not easy to read the whole architectural complex.

The original church of St. Francis went back to the thirteenth century. Torn down, was rebuilt between 1632 and 1636. In the eighteenth century it was renovated and expanded with the addition of the apse of the transept and the transformation from square to circular. The fa├žade was rebuilt in 1962 in pink stone of Finale, with pilasters, cornices and marble of Carrara.

See you next post, together we will visit other places, such as Genoa, Tellaro, Portovenere, Sarzana and Cinque Terre, visited and photographed during Easter this year. In short, the journey is just beginning, hoping not to get bored. Good reading.

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