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29 July 2011

Genova_Italy_ Sea Museum

Navigating in history
Galata Museo del Mare is to get on board, one identifies with the lives of sailors, passengers and emigrants.The largest maritime museum stands in the Italian maritime museum design for quality and innovation of its econstructions. Even today, in front of an audience made up of various people, ages and backgrounds and often far from the sea and its culture, the Galata impacts with his ability to immerse the visitor in the careful reconstruction, high-quality scientific and formal, designed to allow better representation of an era, a type of ship, the life that was lived on board.

The tour is divided into twenty-three large rooms, spread over four floors plus a roof terrace Mirador and dedicated to the permanent exhibition, the thematic sections and Saletta art, temporary exhibitions reserved.

The theme of the trip is one of the leitmotifs of the visit to the Galata Museo del Mare: travel,while relying on the development of technical means of transport, have always brought the unexpected to challenge the man who reserve the seas and oceans. The exhibition of the museum, following a chronological order, is identified on a journey that begins on the ground floor the age of rowing boats, continues on the first and second floors of the sailing ships on the route and revolutionary geographical exploration, moving to third floor entirely dedicated to travel to America.

Please visit the interactive exhibition "La Merica! Ellis island from Genoa to the voyage of the great Italian emigration in the years" and the interactive room called "Steamer", the visitor can experience the great journey to America at the time of the emigrants. From spring 2011 two new destinations to which to emigrate: Brazil and Argentina.

In autumn 2011, the Galata renew the entire 3 rd floor with the new pavilion MEM - Memory and Migration, devoted to the themes of Italian immigrants in the Americas in the last century, including an area reserved to the problems of new immigrants in Italy (almost certain the presence of one of the boats that landed in Lampedusa).

To highlight again the Waterfront Project for the Renzo Piano, with its archive, and the rooftop terrace MIRA Genoa. Inside the Galata Open Air Museum, open air museum with old photographic panels and cranes, has been a great success with the public opening of the submarine Nazario Sauro, the largest Italian submarine became the first ship-visited museum in Italy water, which is an integral part of the museum.

In the next post, we will forward in the historical center of Genoa, in Carruggi: is the term used to indicate the characteristic Genoese language and narrow porches and / or shady streets of many towns and villages in the Ligurian Riviera.

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