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26 July 2011

Genoa_Italy_Submarine Nazario Sauro

Submarine Nazario Sauro
The Nazario Sauro was a submarine of the Italian Navy, part of the first series of Class Sauro, delivered to the MMI 12 February 1980.The boat takes its name from Lieutenant Nazario Sauro, Gold Medal for Military Valour, patriot and member of the First World War Italian irredentism.After 20 years of military activity in the largest Italian submarine S-518 Nazario Sauro becomes the first ship-visited museum in Italy in the water.This important new feature is integrated with the Galata Museo del Mare the finest maritime museum in Italy, which boasts an offer from the best museum in Europe.

Before visiting the submarine, the visitor participates in a pre-show at 'inside of the museum where there is information on the lives of submariners and you can play virtual reality and enter the submarine.At the end of this course are awarded a diploma in interactive sommeriblisita and the fun begins visit to Nazario Sauro.Il of interactive pre-show is enjoyable and informative and makes you appreciate life through video of the sailors who painstakingly rebuilt with the original evidence as a typical day.

The videos are faithful finctions made with the actors of the Teatro Stabile of Genoa, which describe the work of the driver. You can try the periscope, the beds where sailors slept on the climb out tower, and after much excitement finally down to the Wharf to climb aboard the 'S-518.It comes down from the stern of the submarine with protective helmets equipped with audio guide. The stern is the area where the engines are located, and you'll immediately notice that in this magical atmosphere of noise and smells of oils powerful machines that we have entered into a unique world. Continue to the door of the Thermal and the three major engines seem to go running, but are just conditioned to give a realistic reconstruction without molesting the visitor.

In addition the engine room, the climate is more muted, discreet interrupted by the radio operator on board that ship listening obsessively repeats his message: "This November India Sierra Alpha step." To the right faces in an accommodation with eight bunks narrow: it is the accommodation Marshals.

The tour continues along a narrow corridor and down came the voice of the 'crew, is the guard that is going away to the canteen where there is the social life of the boat. "First Meal! First Meal!" cries the speaker and it is their turn to the first group of sailors to eat.

Leaving the dining hall, continue and enter the brain of the boat: the Chamber of Manovra.Da here come the electrical signals to all parts of the submarine there are two periscopes, radar, the wheelhouse, but the most fascinating is the Sactis station that collects operational information and indicates potential targets on the screen. It passes the formal framework and we can see that there is some coffee while the commander is a briefing with his staff.

It then opens a door, vertical, narrow and low: it is the 'ordered 36. Through this you go to 'last room and is immediately invested by a metallic noise. "Ping! Ping! Ping!" the sound that all submariners fear and means that you have been discovered by a hostile or some weapon you are hunting.Continue on the left side and you see the very basic toilets and showers and cold. And here is the legendary Torpedo Launch Tubes staying siluti MK48 with high potential of TNT warheads. In short visit ends telling you this beautiful life of submariners with the limits of the impossible and perhaps making you more aware of other experiences different from yours.

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