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11 July 2011


Holidays in Lerici July 2, 2011

Lerici is situated in the eastern Gulf of La Spezia, Liguria Region near the estuary of the river Magra. Of ancient origin, was employed by the bishops of Luni. It was an important port where travelers and pilgrims who landed through Sarzana is connected to the Via Francigena to Rome or the north of Italy. From Lerici also a branch of the road, took the road to St. James of Compostela. In the Middle Ages it was a possession of Genoa, Pisa for a short period and then underwent various rulers until you return to Genoa in the late fifteenth century.

Lerici still retains its original medieval structure, with typical houses lining the narrow alleys. Inside the village are interesting Jewish quarter of the ghetto, the castle, built by Pisa in the hirteenth century and expanded by the Genoese, with the thirteenth century in the chapel dedicated to St. Anastasia, and the geo-paleontological museum and squares of Poggio and St. George's. At the foot of the castle is a relaxing stroll along the promenade Vassallo. In the village there is also the tower of San Rocco, from Roman times, transformed into a bell tower in the sixteenth century, the parish church of St. Francis of Assisi, the Oratory of San Bernardino and nearby Palazzo Doria, a former medieval hospital dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul.

Lerici however, is not only his village. In its territory, other places stand out, such as San Terenzo, with the castle, Villa Magni, inhabited by Percy Bysshe Shelley and Mary Shelley and Marigola Villa, which offers a wonderful view of the beach of Blue Venus. Tellaro In contrast, a typical fishing village, where you can still meet the boats in the square by the sea, is the 'old church of San Giorgio and the oratory of Santa Maria in Sela. Among Pugliola and you can admire Villa Solaro Cochrane, better known as Rezzola villa, surrounded by a park of eucalyptus, oaks and cypresses. And again, The Serra and Pozzuoli, on a hillside with olive groves, the Senate, an oasis of greenery and silence and Solaro, small village overlooking the Gulf.

First day:

Wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning, departure towards Liguria, town of Lerici. Arrival at 9.00 am, the weather is cloudy, not really a good start ..... It unload suitcases from the car to deposit them in the rented apartment, bright and spacious, a nice choice. Booking on the Internet, we were lucky. Some shots of the day of arrival. Fortunately, the sky is open in the afternoon, making a glimpse of a pale sun.

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  1. Wow - so beautiful...

  2. Hi Grace, how are you? Here, the holidays are over, remains the memory of this beautiful place. And you go on vacation?

  3. Hmmm-I thought I left a comment here the other day - Anyway to answer your question - I don't go on vacations, I am somewhat disabled and it is difficult for me to get around...but you are making me long to visit Bella Italia

  4. Hi Grace, with these photos, modestly, I hope to please you, offer this beautiful environment relaxing.


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